About Us

Yakima Gang-Free Initiative 

The City of Yakima Gang- free Initiative has endorsed programming that is coordinated and implemented within each of The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) five core strategies. Our activities are coordinated and integrated to ensure that the work of collaborating agencies are in line with the comprehensive anti-gang plan and based on the following guiding principles:

  • No single program will fix the gang problems in our community.
  • Strong public leadership by the City Council, City Manager and Chief of Police is essential.
  • A coordinated and organized effort among all City departments, other government and community agencies is required to see results that integrate prevention, intervention, and suppression.
  • A multidimensional anti-gang strategy should target youth between the ages 11-20 who exhibit high-risk behaviors and gang involvement.
  • Young people who would move up the ladder of gang membership and activity are those who commit intentional acts of violence or are arrested for gang related incidents.
  • The impact of gang members’ actions not only adversely affects their parents, siblings, and other family members but the whole community—including the victims of gang violence who must deal with the horror of losing a loved one and the agony of having to deal with a variety of agencies to get restitution and support.
  • To be effective, all programs and services focused on gang prevention and intervention must be culturally competent, linguistically sensitive, and accessible to the entire community.